There are all sorts of tiny homes and small houses to live in, from hand built cobb cottages, beach shacks to underground homes, there is a small home for just about anyone. This "PORT-A-BACH," shipping container home is a beautiful modern design that would surprise some people.

The Port-A-Bach created by Atelierworkshop Architects is a shipping container home. The up cycled shipping containers are becoming an effective and functional tiny house option for many people, and with modern designs like this it's no wonder. The architects have also developed prototypes that use the already existing container connections to attach wind and solar equipment. The Port-a-Bach shipping container home is not in production yet, the designers are looking for commercial partners in order to mass produce it. It really is a beautiful tiny house design, modern and functional.

This shipping container home is stunning and innovative, you really have to take a look at the photos to see the unique design features. In front of the tiny home is a patio, which is actually the side wall that folds down into a patio, the ends of the shipping container fold down, to offer an elevated bunkbed on one end, inside is completely wood, the ceiling, the floors and the walls, with the same wood throughout even the kitchen cupboards, the murphy bed, and shelves which go over a window, so you can look outside. The front of the shipping container has lots of doors that open up the whole front of the house, extending your inside living space outdoors. This shipping container home is inviting and modern, with so many unique details, it will have you in awe. Some of the things you will find on this site include art, design, photography,

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