Large Enough for a Family of Four, Cheap Enough for a Single to Afford It

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Large Enough for a Family of Four, Cheap Enough for a Single to Afford It

A desirable log cabin like the Lake House is a beauty to behold. This stunning log cabin from Sisson Company is truly the best of both worlds when it comes to log homes and cabins. The log home holds all of the charm and character of a traditional log cabin, but with the modern look of a more contemporary style log cabin. With three bedrooms and four bathrooms, this log cabin is large enough to house a family of four or five as a permanent residence, or to host one or two families for a vacation. All of the bedrooms are a fairly large size, and the master bedroom walks out onto the raised patio, to look out over the land it is set on.

The front of the log home looks very simple and understated, but when you see the back portion of this home, it is far from being just a simple log home. There are two levels of patio terrace on the back; which would be perfect up on a hillside as they show in the photo of the Lake House log home model. These patios that are on the home are absolutely huge! One could create whole living spaces outside on the terrace. An outdoor barbecue area or outdoor kitchen type of set up, with a dining table fit for the outdoors. They could also have a nice outdoor living room area with outdoor sofas and chairs. A patio like this is calling to be used a lot, especially throughout the summer months.

All of the logs in this log house package are stacked in the traditional chinking fashion, with the insulation caulking added to seal any spaces in between the logs. This helps to keep the log home nice and warm, allowing the warmer air to remain inside the home. The logs are also naturally equipped with their own built-in insulation properties that provide a high thermal barrier for the home, which is one of the many reasons logs are such a desirable building material. The logs also have a water resistant barrier naturally built into them, which helps keep away mould and mildew. The bottom portion, or the foundation of the log home, is built out of stone, which creates a wonderfully strong and natural base for the logs to be built upon. The stones are a more natural way to build a foundation then pouring concrete would be. The stones, when stacked like this, can last decades, and still support the log home wonderfully.

Sisson Company includes all of the building supplies for the build of the shell of the home, as well as the patios and decks. The log home patio could be changed depending on what works with the natural landscape where the log home will be built. Since not all landscapes are the same, the patios could look different each time the house is built for different clients. The cabinets are included in the base price as well, but the appliances are not included in the log home kit. There are plenty of beautiful log home and cabin designs on the Sisson Company website that are a pleasure to look through and dream about building. The log home building company was created by Joe and JoAnn Sisson a couple who started out with a dream of building their own log cabin on a parcel of land they purchased. By 1968, they began to build their very own first log cabin, and from there they assisted others in finding land to build log homes and cabins on. Since then, it has flourished into a full-time, successful business. Check out the Lake House log home plans and more on their fabulous website!

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