Colorful View of a Typical Alaskan Modern Day House

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Colorful View of a Typical Alaskan Modern Day House

There’s nothing like log cabin dreaming on a Sunday afternoon! That’s what we’re doing, browsing all of the beautiful log cabin designs offered on the web. And, in our travels, we found this lovely photo – a colorful view of a typical Alaskan modern day house!It’s true that log cabins were built for Alaska, and maybe even Alaska was built for log cabins! The two most certainly go together hand in hand. With its long winter season, extreme storms and heavy snowfalls, there doesn’t seem to be any other structure better suited to endure these conditions. And this is why, when you go to Alaska, the log cabin will be the most common home you will see!

And in general, the old-fashioned log cabin has been providing us with top-notch, reliable shelter for thousands of years. Perhaps because they have been a part of the landscape for so long, or because such famous figures as Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, and Ulysses S. Grant were born in log cabins, it is often thought that they were an American creation. In reality, however, they are not – although log cabin history is definitely interwoven with that of North American history, its roots go back much, much farther. According to archaeological findings, log homes are thought to have first been built in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia as far back as 3500 BC. We more than likely have the Finns to thank for designing the log cabin concept we know today.

With its deep roots planted in Europe and Scandinavia, historians often say that the log cabin migrated to the Americas in the 1630's along with the first Swedish immigrants who began crafting their traditional log homes in the Delaware and Brandywine River Valley areas. However they made it here, we are truly grateful as they have been keeping us warm, dry and safe for many years since.

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